State Law

Hernandez Frantz, Von Loh has represented clients in state law cases with nearly 20 years’ experience in handling all levels of criminal cases in our state courts, including:

  • Murder/Manslaughter

    • In murder/manslaughter cases, Hernandez Frantz, Von Loh will fight for your right for a fair trial, including assisting you with tactical decisions regarding trial. Additionally, we will file appropriate motions to ensure all discovery is produced.
  • Drug Possession with Intent to Deliver

    • In drug possession with intent to deliver cases, Hernandez Frantz, Von Loh will completely analyze your stop for potential U.S. Constitutional challenges, including filing of motions to suppress when necessary.
  • Sexual Assault

    • The Law Offices of Hernandez Frantz, Von Loh will ensure your sexual assault trial is before the proper forum, and will conduct pre-trial depositions and discovery to assist you with trial matters.
  • Robbery/Burglary

    • Hernandez Frantz, Von Loh will ensure they have evidence to charge you and complete all discovery.
  • Drug Possession

    • Hernandez Frantz, Von Loh will confirm that the stop meets U.S. Constitutional requirements, and investigate the circumstances surrounding your possession charge.
  • DUI

    • Hernandez Frantz, Von Loh will review all discovery to establish the breathalyzer machine used was properly calibrated and your stop meets U.S. Constitutional requirements. We’ll file motions to suppress where necessary to challenge those elements of your complex DUI stop.
  • Criminal Appeals

    • Hernandez Frantz, Von Loh has the knowledge and experience in the criminal appeals arena, having promulgated numerous appeals on various criminal issues in the Nebraska Court of Appeals and Nebraska Supreme Court.  We will ensure your appeal is handled in a timely and comprehensive manner.

  • Misdemeanor cases

    • The Law Offices of Hernandez Frantz, Von Loh has years of experience in handling all classes of misdemeanor cases. We will get your discovery, review your defenses, and will prepare you for trial, if necessary.  Representation in misdemeanor cases includes:
      • Minor in possession
      • Domestic Assault
      • Marijuana Possession
      • Shoplifting
      • Theft
      • Pandering

Representation can be most important in these cases to ensure a just result with the courts, and safeguard your rights in these important matters.